NEWSLETTER by Alessia Falsarone. The author acknowledges the team at The University of Chicago Circular Economy and Sustainable Business Management Program and all participants of the innovation knowledge hub for their insights and collaboration.


“As my mother used to say: you can only give it your utmost best.”

These words from Jan te Bos, Director General of the Eurima (European Insulation Manufacturers Association), during a recent interview, have been on my mind since I first heard them. In this case, Jan was making a reference to the task of decarbonizing the building stock in the EU, balancing the endless dialogue of who will ultimately pick up the bill with the need to engage stakeholders in a way that the opportunities (to deliver societal and financial returns) as much as the risks of inaction are clear to all. Acknowledging and dealing with biases that may emerge in these conversations is a key factor in creating impactful solutions.


A Week of Circularity: A Global North Bias” />