NEWSLETTER by Alessia Falsarone

The circular economy is at a turning point in the world of architecture, and the broader field of construction. The uncertain future of work, the stressed macroeconomic environment, and the impacts of the climate crisis all contribute to ongoing fears in the real estate industry. To combat these challenges, architects, engineers, and RICS professionals are collaborating to embed circular principles and rethink material consumption. This will create new value for longer periods, as the business case for circular real estate strengthens alongside its environmental and social benefits.


You don’t want to miss this week

From Orlando to Brussels, and Zurich, this week offers new opportunities to connect with fellow circularity practitioners both in person and in hybrid mode.

Discover, grow and leave your mark!


May 9th11th: RFID Journal Live! (Orlando, Florida). This is the world’s largest conference and exhibition focused on radio frequency identification (RFID) and related technologies through industry-specific and how-to tracks, as well as general education for those new to the RFID market. On May 10th, Edson Perin, the IoP Journal editor, will lead the discussion on Digital Product Passports (DPPs) and how the upcoming DPP legislation in the EU reinforces the power of Smart Packaging. His introductory article is a a valuable introduction to the changes in the traceability and interoperability of supply chain information that await businesses.

May 10th: Financing Local Circular Economy Initiatives (Brussels, Belgium). The DECISO project and HOOP Project – both part of the Horizon Europe programming – are hosting a session for investors and project developers in the circular economy ecosystem to share insights with the aim of creating a diverse overview of pilots addressing different thematic areas and challenges faced by cities and regions. The event is an opportunity to address existing funding opportunities for circular economy initiatives and how to engage with private investors to bridge the public funding gap.

May 10th-11th: Biomaterials 2023 (Zurich, Switzerland). The theme of this year’s forum, gain critical insights in the research of advanced biomaterials, underpins the work of pharmaceutical companies, biomedical research organizations and other R&D businesses. Expert talks will also explore a powerful human side to Biomaterials that considers Ethics, Law and the role of Healthcare delivery systems around the world.


Off to another impactful week!